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Cutting One’s Own Nose to Spoil Another’s Journey


In a village there lived two neighbouring friends in close affinity, but subsequently they were at odds with each other. One was named Susanta, and the other Kritanta. Susanta decided that it was better to go on pilgrimage for some time to be away from such bickering. So he fixed an auspicious day to start for Puri.

   Kritanta then found that there would be hardly any chance for him to harass Susanta if he left the village. So he decided that by hook or by crook Susanta should be made compelled to stay in the village so that there would be opportunities to pick a quarrel with him every now and then.

   Kritanta was in the know that Susanta believed in some unfounded weird  superstitions. For instance, he considered it very, very inauspicious to see on the onset of a journey anyone whose nose is somehow or other amputated. So Kritanta seized upon the opportunity to amputate his own nose, just when Susanta was starting for Puri. He took a seat in front of Susanta’s house with his amputated nose exhibited conspicuously.

   As soon as Susanta came out of his house to begin his journey to Puri, he saw Kritanta with his amputated nose and immediately decided to cancel his journey.



Atheists behave similarly in plotting ominous designs even at their own heavy cost so that Vaishnavas can never make good progress in their devotional  practices. These atheists do their own spiritual harm foolishly by creating disturbances on the way of the Vaishnavas journey towards Vaikunthaloka.