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Crossing the River When it is Dry


A person was extremely introverted and he didn’t want to leave his own house.. One day his friend asked him, “O Kaminimohan! Let us both go and visit a sadhu. A great personality has come to Shridham Mayapur and he is preaching very nice transcendental subject matters. You life will be fulfilled upon hearing his instructions. Kaminimoham was very reluctant to leave the comfort of his home just to visit a sadhu’s place. Then his friend tried to allure Kaminimohan, saying, “By the way, there’s a great funfare at the bank of Kuliya. It is full of recreation and amusements. So let us go and visit the fare.”  So Kaminimohan agreed to go visit the funfare at Kuliya for some enjoyment. The friends plan was to take Kaminimohan to the bank of Kuliya and then it would be possible for him to take him across the Ganges to arrive at Shridhama Mayapura.

   Arriving at the bank of Kuliya, Kaminimohan enjoyed at the funfair for a while. Then his friend told him, “Just across the river is Shri Mayapur. Let us go an visit the holy dhama. There you will find the birth place of Lord Shri Chaitanyadeva, tomb of Chand Kazi, the remnants of Ballal Sen’s ancient royal palace, the great lake of Ballal Sen and many other places of interest.”

   Kaminimohan realised now that his friend had become almost determined to take him across the river for a visit to the holy dhama. So he made out a counter-plan and said, “My dear friend, I am very afraid of crossing a river. I am, in fact, not at used to boarding a boat, it gives me nausea, dizziness, I become extremely afraid of drowning and palpitations start immediately. This is rainy season, but in winter, when the river will become dry, then we can easily walk down the river without the help of any boat. At that time I will definitely visit Shri Mayapur and all its interesting places.

   Listening to Kaminimohan plea, his friend told him, “O my dear friend, you say you’ll cross the river when it is dry. This is nothing but your insincerity and hypocrisy. The river will never be dry, and you wouldn’t be able to cross it.



My of us think that we may devote enough time for listening to the transcendental preaching from some saintly person after completing our business in the field of our domestic material entanglements concerning our family members, their desires and wants, diseases and other things. But in fact, these entanglements will never go. Devotional practices will never be undertaken, unless we make it a point to start devotional practices immediately.