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Cheating a Blacksmith with Inferior Steel


A tradesmen wanted to present himself as very intelligent. He appeared to be adept in making a fool of others by dint of his cunningness. Once he managed to get some coconuts through his usual slyness. Then he wanted a sharp chopper to break then open. Eventually he found a very old and rusty chopper in the corner of his room. Taking it to a blacksmith, he asked him to reshape it and make it first class again. The blacksmith told him that he could forge a very good chopper, if good quality steel was given to him. Then the clever tradesmen played a double game telling the blacksmith, “I am a steel merchant and I have got some good quality in my stock. I would like to give you an extra amount of the excellent steel - could you forge a copper for me with that steel free of cost? Of cause you may keep the extra steel, whatever was left after forging the chopper, for your own labour charge. I can assure you that nowhere in India can you find such excellent steel that I will send you. It is very costly you know.”

   After delivering such artful language, the tradesmen in fact sent a condemned third-rate sheet of iron through his son to the blacksmith. Just glancing at the piece of iron the blacksmith realise that it was not steel, but only a piece of useless iron. A it was ineffective and practically useless, the tradesmen came back to the blacksmith threatening and shouting at him while the blacksmith retorted saying, “Cheating a blacksmith with inferior steel can only bring out such a chopper.”



Those who make any attempt to deceive their spiritual master and the Vaishnavas in rendering devotional service will certainly come to an end with something spurious. Any attempt of deception in the field of devotional service is simple self-deception. It pulls one down into the clutches of illusionary energy, without any benefit. Some people with ulterior motives think that others who have surrendered everything to the Lord are only deceived; and those who are continuing to play the double roles of both devotional service as well as self gratification actually gain more.

   In fact, such a double gain is surely tantamount to deceiving a blacksmith by supplying him with an inferior quality of iron while asking him to prepare a good quality steel chopper. No one can ever deceive the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is never possible to conquer the domain of the Lord by any sort of deception and quackery. Only one who has candidly surrendered everything unto the lotus feet of the Lord is eligible for achieving all good.