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Boxing with the Sky


A highly conceited person used to consider everything on this earth to be very insignificant to his own estimate. Once he came to the conclusion that the sky itself is most proud and apparently the strongest of all. “Natural calamities like storm, shower, thunderbolt etc. come directly from the sky. The clouds roar from the sky and this reflects that the sky is very much boastful of it’s own position, and as such, the sky must be given a good lesson.” Accordingly this proud person speculated that he should tear the sky apart by his own strong fists.

   With this determination in mind, one day he started vainly punching towards the sky in order to control it. In fact, the sky remained as unperturbed and as graceful as before. On the other hand, the puffed up person  became gradually tired of throwing ineffective blows at the great sky. Ultimately, he became so exhausted that he fell to the ground and hurt himself.



The spiritual master and the Vaishnavas remain unpeturbed and graceful while they are engrossed in devotional service to the Supreme Lord Shri Hari, while the mundane fools consider such real devotees responsible for all sorts of calamities and derangements in the world for the boastful attitude.

   Because of this false apprehension about the Vaishnavas,  many such people exhibit their unfounded misdemeanours towards honest devotees most unreasonable, but their false attempt of punching goes all in vain. The Vaishnavas, as the ever - benevolent great sky, remain calm and quiet, while the atheists themselves undergo continued material agonies.