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A Family for the Gita


Once a renounced spiritual master presented his disciple with the copy of the holy Gita, advising him to study the book all the time. The disciple started study of the Gita sitting inside a cave on the Vindhya Hills.

A small mouse in the cave started eating the pages of the Gita everyday. Thus being extremely perturbed with the mischief caused by the mouse, the disciple brought a kitten from a nearby village. Then milk was required for the maintenance of the kitten.

Considering all the related problems of acquiring milk everyday, the need for keeping a cow was very strongly felt by the disciple. By the grace of the Lord, a kind-hearted person gifted one cow. Now an anxiety for maintaining the cow loomed large in the heart of the disciple. So that the cow might stay safely and comfortably, the renounced disciple built a barn with much labour and effort.

Thereafter came the anxiety for day-to-day care and maintenance of the cow, providing her with regular fodder and water. Over and above this, the renounced disciple was very much anxious about spoiling his devotional performances while caring for the cow, and as such he decided to appoint a cowherd.

  The cowherd took charge of maintaining the cow. But then, who was going to feed the cowherd, and look after his duties regularly? So, after much deliberation finally the anxious sannyasi got married.

Gradually, his family swelled up. He acquired vast property, manpower and a big place. The sannyasi thus became an out-and-out family man, leaving aside his study of the Gita.

  After a long lapse of time, his spiritual master, trying to find out his disciple's whereabouts, happen to come to the front of the disciple's place. Looking at the material opulence, and the host of family members of the sannyasi, he asked him, "What is all this ?"

  Then the disciple submitted everything with folded hands in front of his spiritual master, "O master, this is the family I had to build up for the sake of your Gita, you remember ?"



A truly Krishna conscious person should not increase the magnitude of his wants and requirements to the name of `yukta-vairagya' (proper renunciation). A living entity engaged in devotional service should never consider himself to be equal in status and position with a perfectly liberated great soul.

One who is engaged in devotional service, either as a sannyasi or as a grhastha, must adhere strictly to the scriptural injunction which prescribes thus: `yavannirvaha pratigraha' - he should endeavour only for that much which is essentially required in favour of worshipping Shri Hari. His material activities should neither be excessive, nor very scanty as either of them leads to diversion from spiritual upliftment.

Persons undertaking the rigours of celibacy (brahmacarya), seclusion (vanaprastha), and renunciation (sannyasi) as their ways of living (asrama) and so staying in a secluded holy place such as a math, away from home for engrossing themselves in the devotional services to Lord Shri Hari, might also find themselves entangled in such a `family' for the sake of the Gita, in case they become enchanted with the thoughts of daily wants and requirements, thus deceiving themselves in the name of favouring devotional services to Lord Shri Hari. So, an honest person must be careful. he must not fall under the clutches of illusory energy (maya) while pretending to acquire favourable objects for devotional services to Shri Hari. The material senses are always thirsty for objects of sense gratification.

Pretending to attain perfection through carefully listening and adhering to myriads of injunctions from great liberated souls, our wicked, mischievous, uncontrollable, extroverted mind along with it's propensities, endeavours to acquire gratifying objects falsely ascribing them as favourable to devotional service to Shri Hari, while taking recourse to hypocritical diplomatic demeanours.

Many of us become highly attracted to material knowledge. In the name of studying scriptures or learning erudition !

 We become much attached to physical comfort and to our dependant wife and children through self-deception of undergoing family life with a plea to observe `yukta-vairagya' (proper renunciation) and offering devotional services to Lord Shri Hari simultaneously.

Even after becoming a sannyasi, a bramhacari, a Krishna conscious grhastha or a vanaprastha, many of us desire to attain material reputation and fame and we try to lord it over everything. This will cause us utter spiritual destruction.

  It is therefore most essential to pray for the mercy of pure honest devotees, constantly keeping ourselves in their uncontaminated association with complete loyalty and allegiance and thus exposing before them all our misgivings so that we may be blessed with their inestimable guidance.