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The Fallacy of Blindly Following


Once when Lord  Shri Chaitanyadeva was staying in Vrndavana, some people spread a rumour like wildfire that Lord Shri Krishna had appeared in the lake of Kaliya in Vrndavana. Many people rushed to Lord Shri Chaitanya reporting that at night they had undoubtedly seen in the lake of Kaliya the snake, and that Lord Shri Krishna was dancing on it. For three consecutive days streams of people came to Lord Chaitanyadeva with eyewitness reports of the event.

   Upon hearing such reports, Balabhadra Bhattacarya, one of the simple-minded servitors of Lord Shri Chaitanyadeva, developed a very strong urge to go to the lake of Kaliya for having darsana of Lord Shri Krishna. Then Lord Shri Chaitanyadeva gave Balabhadra a hard slap, saying, “Why do you get allured with the reports of such blind followers? Never accept anything unfounded under the illusory description given by blind followers.”

   Next morning, a sensible person visited Lord Shri Chaitanyadeva and by asking him He then came to know the real fact of the matter which was that the local fishermen used to catch fish in the night, with lamps on their boats, in the lake of Kaliya. Foolish people must have mistaken from a distance the boat as the great serpent Kaliya, the lamp as the shining jewel on it’s head, and the fisherman as Lord Krishna in the darkness of night. This sort of delusive vision was wrongly believed by them to be a true phenomenon.



In the field of religion many things are propagated as true religion, through such a fallacy of blind following. There is, in fact, no limit to such widespread misleading practices propagating fictitious incarnations, prophets and so-called “-isms”, ruining the morale of the masses. Real lovers of truth must be aware of this evil.