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A Boatman’s Dream


Once a boatman was towing his boat along a thorny river bank, while the soles of his feet were becoming cut all over.  The boatman was brooding how if he could make lots of money by towing the boat, he could spread a long foam cushion all along the river bank so that his feet would not be cut by the thorns, then his towing business would be more efficient as he would be able to walk more comfortably.



Many people speculate like this boatman.. They tend to ascribe anthropomorphic or zoomorphic proclivities on the Supreme Lord. What would be the need for the boatman to pull along the riverside when the boatman becomes rich and wealthy? It simply reflects one’s ignorance in tugging a boat along with a foam-covered river bank, just as it is in attributing material imperfection and deficiency to Vaikuntha, the transcendental abode of the Supreme Lord.

   The existence of “para-brahma” or the Absolute Supreme Being anywhere should eventually confirm the non-existence of all sorts of shortcomings, objections or material wants whatsoever.