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Upakhyane Upadesa
A Leason on Geometry
The Exploding Froge
The"Golden"Stone Pot
Yes,No,Very Good
Honey & The Foolish Bumblebee
Seeing the Sun in the Night
A Family for the Gita
There Runs the Thief
Balam Rice & Cow Ghee
Lalu & Kalu
Rowing Along The Wind
Kite Playing on an Unwalled Roof
The Physician's Knife
Kastvam , Kastvamm
The Frog's Half rupee Coin
Prudence of a Woodcutter
A Boatman's Dream
Is there any Pleasur & Sacrifice in Devotion?
Naked Panock
A Wise Old Monkey
Cracking Nuts With A Salagrama
Dr.Frog's Thesis
Boxing With the Sky
The Half-Young/Half-Old Fallacy
Mercy for the Earnest Only
Popcorn Bondage
A Fallacy of Custom
A Fallacy of Blindly Following
The Blind man the Elephanta
The Blind Man Holding The Cow's Tail Fallacy
The Righ Whip for the Right Dog
The Ancestral Well
I am not Stealing Bananas
Bhagavan Become a Ghost Under Intrigue
Crossing The River When it is Dry
The Desire to Swim out of the water
Chaeting a Blacksmith With Inferior Steel
THe Blacksmith & The Potter
The Idiot Gardener & The Stupid Pandit
Open the Door to Allo thr light in your Room
How Often dose a Bald Man Go Under a Bael Tree?
Sieeping on the bare Ground When the Bed is Broken
Flying Popcorn
Spitting Upward
Cutting One's Own Nose to spoil Another's journey
Lively Hell
Doing Sums for the Teacher
Golden,Silver And Iron Shackles
The Pauper And The Omniscient Sage