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This brochure is not to be considered as a hagiological attempt [narration of the lives and legends of the saints] but an endeavor for inculcating the procedure of following the life of a transcendental devotee who had a thoroughly peculiar mood of service of the Absolute, unknown to the vitiated mundane atmosphere.


Readers, who are puzzled with the problem of finding out the solution of this ephemeral life, the antecedents and the consequences of which are not stored up, are respectfully solicited to go through these pages, not with a challenging mood but with an approaching aptitude, to be acquainted with the undiscovered track of devotion. A submissive and attentive audiencing will surely facilitate comprehension of the transcendental procedure, aiding one's journey to his hitherto unexplored ' transcendence.


The Absolute must not be obliged come under finitudinal examination by our poor senses. So the epistemology will explain for a thorough submission instead of exhibiting a flickering tendency of shallow versatility.


The humble and feeble entreaty of an insignificant informant may be found useful to its approver, which will fully repay his undertaking.


The loving thanks of the writer are due to Professor Nishi Kanta Sanyal, M.A., who has kindly helped him in going through the proofs.