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Shri Krishna Chaitanya Is Shri Krishna Himself


The associates of Shri Krishna Chaitanya are constituents of Himself. It is our object in this short paper to study the implications of these doctrines.


Shri Krishna's active existence involves the undivided operation of the following six divine entities viz., gurus, devotees, avataras (divine descents), divine manifestations, divine powers, and Godhead Himself. All these are jointly and severally divine.


As Shri Krishna Chaitanya is identical with Shri Krishna the active existence of Shri Chaitanya also implies the cooperation of the above six divine categories.When Shri Krishna Chaitanya was pleased to manifest His appearance on this mundane plane all the six constituents of Himself also necessarily made their appearance as part and parcel of Himself. In the marvelous work, Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika, we have the detailed identification of the several characters who are Divinely associated in the performances of Si Krishna Chaitanya with the corresponding characters in the Dvapara lila of Shri Krishna. This correspondence is an essential part of the religion of pure devotion propounded by Shri Krishna Chaitanya. In the opening verses of his great work Shri Chaitanyacharitamrita, Shri Krishnadas Kaviraja Gosvami accordingly makes his obeisance to Shri Krishna Chaitanya in His above six-fold form.