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Necessity To Serve Through An Associate Of Mahaprabhu


The associates of Shri Krishna Chaitanya are made up of the five divine categories. If any of these categories be left out the Truth who is indivisibly one, refuses to present Himself to the arrogant aptitude of the pedant who does not fully submit to be enlightened by grace regarding the necessity of serving the divinity in and through the distinctions. The pedant is disposed to be skeptical by reason of a lurking belief that it is the look-out of the divinity to make Himself known to him. But the jiva is a dissociable particle of the divine essence with the onus of choosing for himself from among the alternatives of a serving, a neutral and a disobedient career, his own relationship to the divinity. He cannot escape the privilege of exercising this responsibility except by conscious self-deception on by hypocrisy.