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Appearance Of The Divine


The appearance of Godhead in this world implies the co-appearance of all His divine paraphernalia. Godhead must not be conceived as in any way separable from His entourage. Godhead shorn of any of His paraphernalia is a delusion. In the same way the appearance of divine paraphernalia involves the appearance of the divinity. The two are distinct yet inseparable forms of the one Supreme. Shri Chaitanya is the Divine Personality Himself. His associates share His divine nature. Shri Krishna Chaitanya is an extended subject. All the six divine forms have to be worshipped if it is the intention to worship Shri Chaitanya. The guru is one of His constituents. it is necessary to receive initiation from him. It is also necessary to be instructed by him. As teacher the guru has two forms. He guides from within. He also appears as a guide and instructor existing outside his disciples. Initiation is received from one person only. Instructions may be had from many gurus. Shri Kaviraja Gosvami himself was instructed by the famous six Gosvamis.