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Alone Fit To Instruct


Every one who is cognizant of the true nature of Krishna is alone fit to instruct another in the knowledge of Krishna. The Divine paraphernalia are the gurus of an individual souls. In this sense all the six divine categories are identical with the guru. It can be so by reason the fact that on the plane of the Absolute there is no separative difference. On that perfectly wholesome plane there is distinction without difference. But there is also the distinctive function of the guru which must be considered as also simultaneously distinct from that of any of the other categories. One who neglects to see] the special favor of the guru and to enter into the relation of discipleship with the spiritual guide will miss entry to the spiritual plane. Nityananda is the Primary Manifestive Constituent of the Divinity. Nityananda alone possesses the distinctive function of the guru. In Nityananda the function is embodied.


Nityananda is the servant-God. He serves Shri Gaurasundar by the distinctive method of reverential servitude. He is identical with Shri Balarama of Krishna-lila Shri Balarama is not the chum of Krishna, but His respected elder brother. It is intimate relationship characterized by becoming reserved on one side and of respectful deference on the other. Individual souls are under the direction of Nityananda. They receive their service of Shri Gaurasundara i.e. of Krishna, at his hands. Nityananda is not a jiva. He is Divinity He is the ultimate source of the jiva. The jiva is a potency of Nityananda. No jiva can be the medium of the service of the Absolute to another jiva. The Absolute alone may communicate His service to the separable constituents of Himself. This is the real nature of the function of the guru.