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Different Names of Jagannath Puri


There are four important dhams in India. The Lord performed His glorious pastimes in these four directions of India in four different yugas. In Badrinath He appeared as Lord Narayana in Satya-yuga. In Dwapara-yuga He appeared as Dwarakanath. In Tretaya-yuga the Lord performed His pastimes as Lord Ramachandra in Rameswar. In all of these yugas He appeared in human form. In this age of Kali the Lord has appeared as JaganŽnath, His deity form. Lord Jagannath is very important for the people of this age. Among the four dhams, Jagannath Puri is the greatest. After visitŽing all of the dhams, one must visit Jagannath Puri to get the fruits of  pilgrimage. There is a saying, "The Lord of Badrinath takes bath in Badridham. In Dwaraka Dham He puts on His dress. In Puri He eats, and in Rameswar the Lord goes to sleep. Puri dham is known by different names such as Purusot-tama Kshetra, Sri Kshetra, Nila-chala Dham, Jagannath Dham, Ya-manika tirtha, Uddiyan Pitha, Martya Vaikuntha, Nilagiri, Niladri, Sankha Khetra,  Bhuswarga, and Nrisimha Kshetra.


Puri Dham: Puri means place of residence. One who lives in Puri is known as purusa.  Lord Jagannath is Parampurusa.  Puri Dham is the place where the Supreme Personality of GodŽhead resides. Everything there is puma, or complete due to the presence of Lord jagannath.


Purusottarna Khetra: Puri Dham is known as Purusottama Kshetra. Lord Jagannath is Purusottama. Feeling very affectionate to this place, He named this dham after Himself. The dham is non-different from the Lord Himself.


Bhu swarga: Puri is known as swarga, or heaven on earth.


Sri Kshetra: Though Puri is place of Vishnu, this place is influŽenced by Laxmt Devi. According to Gaudiya Vaisnava siddhanta Puri Dham is saturated with the madliurya bhava of Srimati Radharani.


Sankha Kshetra: Sankha means conch shell. The geographical size of Puri is like a sankha or conch shell. The holy land of Orissa is divided into four kshetras. These kshetras are named after the four names of weapons of Lord Vishnu such as sankha, chakra, gada and padma. Puri Dham is known as Sankha Kshetra. Bhubaneswar is Chakra Kshetra, Jajpura is Gada Kshetra, and Konark is Padma Kshetra.


Nrsimha Kshetra: According to Skandha Parana Pun is known as Nrisimha Kshetra. 


King Indradyumna, after finishing Sri Mandir's construcŽtion, went to Brahma-loka to invite Lord Brahma to the temples inauguration. Lord Brahma performed the yajna. From that yajna kund a fearsome form of Lord Nrisimhadeva appeared. The Lord wore a seven-hooded Ananta naga on top of His head and held Laxmi Devi in His lap. King Indradyumna was frightened of this form of the Lord. Being merciful upon the king, the Lord immediŽately accepted a peaceful form of Lord Narayana.