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Pastimes Since the Year 2000

"We will make you better!"


One devotee named Manjarl Devi DasI was blessed to have had the mercy of Lord Jagannatha. She says, "I was very sick with jaundice and came here to rest and recover. I had dark purple rings under my eyes indicating how sick I was. Seeing these dark rings was making me miserable; at times I would cry in fear that I would be sent back to the west as I just was not getting better. But on the fourth morning, I was putting on tilaka as usual and to my amazement I saw that the purple rings under my eyes had completely vanished. I was elated and went for darsana of the Deities. The pujdrl opened the curtains. I looked at the Deities to behold Their beautiful forms and simply froze in complete shock and astonishment. Both Lord Jagannatha and Baladeva were wearing dark purple beads hanging down from their turbans, going across Their foreheada and under Their eyes exactly where I had the dark purple rings under my eyes. I then heard Lord Balarama telling me, "It's all right Manjari, We will make you better."


Golden Tulasi Leaf


Just before Gaura-purnimd 2006, a family came to the temple tp offer a golden Tulasi leaf to Jagannatha. When the pujdri asked the reason for their offering, the man told him that although he and his wife had been married for over ten years, they were not able to have any children even after worshipping many demigods and undergoing various medical treatments. Finally some of their relatives told them that Lord Jagannatha in Rajapur is very lively and powerful. So both husband and wife came and prayed to Jagannatha that if He blessed them with a child they would offer Him a golden Tulasi leaf. Lo and behold, within a year or so they had a very nice7 baby boy! Along with the child they came to offer the golden Tulasi leaf and asked the pujdrl to place it on Jagannatha's forehead. The family stayed in the temple the whole day and took'prasddam. They expressed to the pujdrl their amazement at Jagannatha's power that within such a short time they got their desired result.


"Please make their eyes shine like a mirror!"


A poor local Muslim couple had a son and daughter who were both born almost blind. They spent around 40,000 rupees in various treatments and even sold whatever little land they had. But nothing worked. Finally two eye specialists certified that it was 75% sure that the children  would never be able to see. The parents were feeling very frustrated that all their efforts for their children had failed and they had even lost their little property. In this kind of situation it is quite natural for one to take shelter of God.


So in autumn 2005, the couple took shelter of Lord Jagannatha and offered prayers to Him. They submitted their sad story and begged for His mercy. The mother sincerely prayed, "If my children get their eyesight back I will offer You a mirror. Please You make our children's vision as clear as a mirror." (This is a Bengali tradition.) Within a few short days of hearing their sincere prayer the merciful Lord Jagannatha gave vision to those blind children. Upon waking up, the children excitedly exclaimed to their parents that they could now see and walk without any help! The parents joyfully observed this change, and later the grandmother came and offered a small mirror to Jagannatha. They told us that this Jagannatha is so powerful and very fast in fulfilling the desires of the devotees. Jagannatha had made the impossible possible within a very short time.


The following pastimes were narrated by Jananivasa Dasa on Odana-sashthi 06


Jagannatha Does Get Fever


In June 2005, two days after sndna-yatra, the head pujdrl from Mayapur came to the Jagannatha temple in Rajapur to repaint the Deities. While he painted under thei|r bases, the Deities were laid on Their backs on warm bedding, and left in that position overnight to dry. At midnight the pujdrl awoke feeling a burning sensation throughout his body, which he thought may have come from drinking Lord Jagannatha's medicine, called Brahmastra; he also felt fearful, which was very unusual for him. Thinking he may have caused an aparddha by laying the Deities down, he read from Bhagavad-gitd for some time.In the morning the night guard reported that when he went to check the temple area he heard what sounded  like the moaning and groaning of someone with a high fever coming from within the temple. He walked around the other side of the temple and from the open window he heard the same distressful sounds. The guard said he became afraid and ran away. Locking the garden gate behind him, he returned to the guesthouse where the devotees stay. When asked what time this had occurred, he replied, "At midnight!"


"Jaga Jaga Jaga Jaga..."


A couple of weeks ago when I was here, Bhadrasen Prabhu, Lord Jagannatha's pujdrl, told me that just before we arrived, there was another couple here with their child. They tried to conceive a child for a long time but were unsuccessful. About three years ago, when they heard about Jagannatha here, they came and did some puja with the expectation of having a son. This time they came back with their son; he was about two years old, just learning to speak.


They came to Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir and showed him to Radha-Madhava, and he was saying,"Jaga jaga jaga jaga." They asked him, "Are you happy?" He said, "No." They took him to Panca-tattva, and he kept saying, "Jaga jaga jaga jaga." They said, "Are you happy?" and he again said. "No." Then they brought him here to Jagannatha Mandir and he saw Jagannatha and said, "Jaga Jaga Jaga Jaga!" They asked him, "Are you happy?" "Yes," he said. "Happy now." Jai Jagannatha!


"Mayapur! Mayapur!"


Two or three weeks before that, another couple were here with their son. Pandav Pran, the temple manager,asked them, "Where are you from?"

"We come from Durgapur," they replied.

"You are coming a long way!" Pandav Pran exclaimed.

"Yes," the lady replied. "Let me tell you why..."


She then told Pandav Pran: "I had for a long time desired to go to Puri, but no one could take me. I was really despondent. I was dreaming about it, I was crying, I really wanted to go to Puri. Then I had a dream at the end of the night where I was trying to go Purl and suddenly I saw Radha Madhava. Your Radha Madhava. Then I heard this voice saying, 'Mayapur, Mayapur, Mayapur!' I woke up; my hairs were standing on end. I told my son, 'We have to go to Mayapur.'"


So they came to Mayapur and took darsana of Radha Madhava. They didn't know that there was Jagannatha Temple here. But some devotees told them, "You can go to our Jagannatha Mandir." Then they came here and found out that this place is non-different from Jagannatha Puri. The lady said, "It was the fulfillment of my dream. I wanted to go to Puri but no one would take me. But by the mercy of Lord Jagannatha I have come here."


Jagannatha Protects His Devotees


Once very recently a man and his wife were coming to attend mangala-drati at Jagannatha Mandir. The husband was carrying a torch but as it was getting late, the wife, Visakha, ran ahead in the dark. As she was passing under the banyan tree next to Lord Jagannatha's boundary wall, there came a bright light and a loud voice commanding her to stop. Looking ahead she saw a tall, bare-chested man shining a torch on the ground in front of her.


Looking down, she gasped as she saw that she was about to step on a huge, venomous cobra that was lying in her path. She quickly stepped back and the snake slithered away. Her husband arrived to see the snake just as it disappeared. He also saw the tall dark man leaving without saying a word. The couple could understand that Lord Jagannatha had sent the man to save Visakha, otherwise no one is on the road at that time of the morning.