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For reasons mysterious to most, the Lord appears and disappears according to His own sweet will. Indeed He states that one who understands the mystery of His appearance and activities does not take birth again in the material world. Centuries  after  the  demise  of the  Ganguli  family, villagers   noticed   a   uniquely  beautiful  blue   flower growing on top of the snake-infested ruin that was once Lord Jagannatha's temple. When they went near the mound they heard a voice calling, "Please give Me water, I am thirsty! Please give Me water." But because the temple had no owner and people were reluctant to go near it due to fear of poisonous snakes and other wild beasts, the deities remained neglected. It wasn't until about 1958 when the Lord, Who once again desired to be worshipped, called for Jaimini Ghosh.


The Mystical Experiences of Jaimini Ghosh


jaimini Ghosh (from the nearby village of Bahadurpur) was only a young man at that time and he recalls:

One evening on my way to Navadvipa, I was passing along the road just outside the Jagannatha temple, when a bamboo tree crashed across the path. Feeling an uncanny presence, I suspected the work of some ghost and I knew that if I stepped over the tree, something would happen to me. Gripped by fear, I crouched to the ground and in that terrified condition I lost consciousness." He awoke to an assuring voice saying, "It's alright now, you may proceed, there is no more danger."

Jaimini said, "Why did you do that to me?"

"I didn't," replied the voice. "I saved you, I am your friend."

Suspicious, Jaimini replied, "If you saved me, if you really are my friend and want to help me, then help me get to my uncle's house in Navadvlpa."

As if he were being carried, young Jaimini effortlessly sped down the jungle path, along the main road, across the Ganges (without a boat) and arrived safely at his uncle house.


Shortly after, the same voice spoke to him, revealing Himself to be Lord Jagannatha, and told Jaimini to begin His worship by offering Ganges water, milk, and batasa (sugar sweet). Jaimini called Phatik Chatterjee, who was the owner of the land on which the temple was situated, and told him everything. Phatik, with his son-in-law Ram and other villagers, cleared away the jungle and lifted Jagannatha from under a termite hill. Although the Deities had been residing in the middle of a termite hill,  Their wooden forms were miraculously intact, Their bodies having been packed in frankincense. Only some parts of Baladeva and Subhadra's bodies had to be repaired by a sculptor who used neem wood from a tree in Phatik Chatterjee's garden.


A small temple was constructed for Them (which still can be seen at the site next to the Siva lingam and banyan tree) and Phatik Chatterjee became the pujdri for Their Lordships. In 1979, the aging pujdri felt he may not be able to go on for long with the worship of his beloved murtis and consequently donated the temple and property to ISKCON on Gaura-purnima day. By the kind contribution of various devotees a wonderful temple has been constructed, surrounded by nice gardens and mango groves. These historical deity forms of Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra have been here at least 500 years, and we shall try now to narrate some of Their more recent pastimes.