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Purvahna-lila: Forenoon Pastimes


Returning home once again, Krsna bathes and dresses for the forest, simply and elegantly with many flowers and other natural things such as peacock feathers, valuable jewels and gunja-bead malas. He wears a vaijayanti garland composed of at least five different colored flowers, which is always long enough to touch his knees or feet. Krsna decorates other parts of his body such as his head, neck and chest extensively with flower garlands. He then appears for his morning meal cooked by Shri Radha, after which he goes to the forest of Vrndavana with his cows and cowherd boy friends. Shrimati Radharani also goes to the forest on the pretense of performing surya-puja, worship of the sun, but in actuality Her sole purpose is to meet Krsna at Radha-kunda. Sadhaka's meditate on these pastimes as they dress the Deities of Radha and Krsna in a mood of preparation for a day of forest sporting and perform the morning dhupa arati. Enthusiastic devotees eagerly await the darsana of the Deities in Their nicely dressed state with multicolored silken dresses adorned with beautiful jewelry and aromatic garlands of flowers.