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Prata-lila: Morning Pastimes


After returning home and being awakened by Mother Yasoda, Krsna bathes and milks the cows, sometimes meeting Radha for pastimes at the Yamuna River. Here they may enjoy an early morning light meal, like sweets (Bala bhoga ). Shrimati Radhika leaves for Nandagram to cook for Krsna in Mother Yasoda's kitchen. Similarly, after mangala-arati, sadhakas bathe the Deities, dress Them and feed Them various nicely prepared sweets and other preparations. Deity seva includes many opportunities for service of the highest order. Cooking many varieties of tasty foodstuffs to offer the Deities is a most important service, for this is reserved for Krsna's best servitors, Shrimati Radharani, Mother Yasoda and their most qualified associates. Cleaning is another very important service--for cleanliness is next to Godliness. In the advanced stage of devotional service, one continuously remembers these eternal daily pastimes of the Lord and His associates, while engaging in their various Deity sevas.