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Prema References


In the material world there cannot be prema. Prema means love. The prema is only possible in the spiritual world. (720522SB.LA)

Conclusion is that when you get your spiritual body then the desire will be different. And that is the spiritual world, because there is no material body, only desire is how to satisfy Krsna. Kama krsna karmarpane. (761127SB.VRN)

In the Vaikuntha planets there is actual, spiritual ananda. Krsna is there in His ecstatic, spiritual form, surrounded by His blissful associates, all of them eternally full of bliss and knowledge. They have nothing to do with material existence. In the spiritual planets even the scenery and birds and animals are fully conscious of Krsna and are absorbed in transcendental bliss. (Bhag. 11.2.37, purp.)