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The Jewels of Truth


translated by Kushakratha dasa


Table of Contents


Prameya 1    

Mangalacaranam, The disciplic succession, Madhvacarya's Nine Philosophical Truths, Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead                                                            


Prameya 2   

The Supreme Personality of Godhead Is Known By Study of the Vedas                  


Prameya 3   

The Material World Is Real                 


Prameya 4   

The Jivas (Living Entities) Are Different From Lord Vishnu                         


Prameya 5   

The Jivas (Living Entities) Are By Nature the Servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead                               


Prameya 6   

In Both Conditioned and Liberated States, the Jivas Are Situated in Higher and Lower Statuses


Prameya 7  

Liberation Does Not Mean an Impersonal Merging, But the Attainment of Direct Association With Lord Krishna                       


Prameya 8  

Pure Devotional Service Grants Liberation  


Prameya 9  

Direct Perception, Logic and Vedic Revelation Are Three Sources of Actual Knowledge