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Sasthi Vrsti

Bhagavad-balyadi-krama-lila varnanam


Sixth Shower

The Lord's Childhood Pastimes and Other Pastimes


Text 1


Observing a lotus flower, disk, conchshell, jambu, tree, barleycorn, half-moon, rod for controlling elephants, flag, thunderbolt, and other auspicious markings on the hands and feet of their tiny child the king and queen of Vraja became jubilant and thought, "Our son must be a great exalted person."


Text 2


Assuming a disguised form, sinful Putana came to kill Krishna by feeding Him the poisoned milk from her breast.  Pleased by her acceptance of a mother's role, the tiny child Krishna purified her and awarded her the post of His eternal mother in the spiritual world.


Text 3


By quickly tearing apart the cart demon Sakatasura and the strong whirlwind demon Trnavarta, the supremely powerful child Krishna delighted the residents of Vrndavana.


Whenever tiny Krishna was seated on His mothers lap He became very restless and mischievous.  Seeing His mischievous pastimes, the elderly gopis and all the other residents of Vrajabhumi became plunged in the ocean of transcendental bliss.


Text 5


Krishna received many names from Gargacarya, and later the gopis, to describe His confidential pastimes called Him Mukunda(the giver of liberation) and Corika-narma-deva(the playful king of thieves).


Text 6


When great sages yearned for some of the dust where child Krishna was playing, on the pretext of giving them a handful of dust, the generous Lord gave them the sweetest nectar.


Text 7


Sometimes restless, curious Krishna would approach His father, King Nanda, in the midst of the royal assembly.  His forehead as splendid as the crescent moon, His eyes decorated with black ointment, and His words very sweet and charming, He delighted everyone and kept them from their business for a very long time.


Text 8


Dressed in yellow silk and decorated with bracelets, anklets, necklaces, splendid armlets, and golden earrings, child Krishna stole everyone's heart with the tinkling sounds He made as He walked.


Text 9


Riding on a chariot with His brother Balarama, and accompanied by His mother, who rode on a palanquin, Lord Hari would sometimes travel to the forest to serve the great devotees-sages at their hermitages in the forest.  When the Lord offered them yoghurt, modaka candies, and other palatable foodstuffs, the intelligent sages became filled with bliss. 


Text 10


Disguised as birds, the great demigods would regularly eat the remnants of Krishna’s and Balarama's meals.  This is a great wonder.


Text 11

Accompanied by Hs friends, Krishna would steal milk products from the gopis, eat some, give some to the monkeys.  Even though these pranks were described to His mother, they only increased her love for Him.  Amused by all His pranks, she did not punish Him.


Text 12


One day Krishna’s elder brother informed His mother that "Krishna has eaten clay."  When His mother angrily rebuked Him, frightened Krishna showed her the entire universe within His mouth.  Pacifying her in this way, child Krishna became jubilant.


Text 13


Bound up by His mother when she saw His pranks, Krishna displayed His great power.  Even though He was Himself bound, He broke the two Arjuna trees and gave them both liberation.  For this reason He is known as Mukunda, the  giver of liberation. 


Text 14


Staying in Vrndavana forest and herding the calves with His friends, Krishna killed Vatsasura, Bakasura, and Aghasura.  Once, When His lunch was interrupted, He purifies the demigod Brahma.


Text 15


When Krishna crushed the Kaliya serpent and purified the Yamuna River, he observed the great and wonderful love the residents of Gokula held for Him, and He became very pleased at heart. 


Text 16


Playing with His friends in pairs, Lord Krishna arranged that Balarama, the enemy of Dhenukasura, would kill the demon Pralamba, the enemy of the demigods.  By swallowing a fire in the Munjatavi forest, Krishna displayed the friendship He bears for His devotees.


Text 17


Placing the gopis' garments on His shoulder and gazing at the beauty of their bodies, Lord Krishna revealed to the world the pure devotees' unlimited desires to attain Him.


Text 18


When the demigods offered prayers and dance, Krishna will not even glance at them form the corner of His eye, although He himself glorifies the trees of Vrajabhumi and very happily embraces them with both His arms.


Text 19


After eating the foodstuffs offered by the wives of the brahmanas, Lord Krishna blessed them to attain His own lotus feet.  Rejecting the importance of Vedic rituals, he proclaimed that their pure faith in Him was the cause of their advancement in pure devotional service.


Text 20


In His youth Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill and defeated Indra, the proud king of the demigods.  For His sake the hearts of the girls of Vraja were filled with amorous passions as if surrounded by a host of blazing fires.


Text 21


When all the girls of Vraja married Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, according to the gandharva rite, the demigoddesses in the celestial planets jubilantly and wonderfully scattered flowers, sang, danced, and played mrdangas.


Text 22


Seeing Brahma offering prayers, Siva expressing his devotion, and Indra and all the demigods acting as servants of Nanda's son, Krishna, the cowherd people understood that Kamsa's demoniac allies were as insignificant as so many pieces of straw.


Text 23


As they gazed on Lord Krishna, the only friend of the surrendered souls, the husband of the goddesses of fortune, the object of worship for the leaders of the demigods, His face the moon, His eyes lotus flowers, His complexion splendid as a dark atasi flower, His spiritual form anointed with sandal paste, dressed in exquisite golden ornaments, decorated with glistening ornaments, crowned with a wonderfully colourful turban, and always surrounded by His friends, the people of Vraja became filled with bliss and love.


Text 24


Seeing Him very gentle, humble, and filled with transcendental good qualities, at an auspicious moment, and with many auspicious ceremonies, King Nanda crowned his son(Krishna) the prince of Vraja.


Text 25


Nanda built a beautiful palace and appointed Lord Balarama prime minister and governor of Vrajabhumi.  In this way he plunged everyone into an ocean of happiness.


Text 26


To his personal architect's son, a boy who was an ocean of intelligent and whose physical strength had no farther shore, Nanda ordered:  "Please build a very wonderful palace that will please your friend Krishna."


Text 27


For Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, he at once built a very beautiful palace with a network of splendid roofs and rooftop apartments and with many beautiful courtyards, lattices, windows, doorways, and decorative water fountains.


Text 28


Decorated with four clear lakes full of blossoming lotus flowers and bounded by jewelled shores and gardens full of many kinds of blossoming flowers and humming bumblebees, that palace was splendidly beautiful.


Text 29


On many mountain peaks the architect built many different jewelled palaces more beautiful than anything built by the celestial architect, Visvakarma.  Expert at appreciating art and architecture, Krishna was very pleased, and with a happy heart gave the architect many jewelled ornaments and valuable garments.


Text 30


Their forms the abodes of nectar of the most splendid transcendental handsomeness and Their hearts pierced by each others smiling glances, the lovers Shri Shri Radha and Krishna enjoy many pastimes with Their friends in these jewelled palaces.


Text 31


When, invited for a visit, the king of Vraja travelled with his wife, son, friends, all decorated with glistening jewels and fanned with camara wisks, and all riding on chariots, palanquins, or horses to the accompaniment of a band of turyas, even the great demigods became struck with wonder to the see the splendid sight.


Text 32


When the king of Vraja entered the palace, Maharaja Vrsabhanu and his associates, with great respect and cordial hospitality, at once brought him many kinds of palatable foods.


Text 33


Gazing at the shower of nectar that is Lord Krishna, all these friends, and especially the young girls, who were deeply in love with Him, became plunged into an ocean of transcendental bliss.


Text 34


Thirsting to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna drank the nectar of each other's charming smiles.  A monsoon shower of sidelong glances rose from the dark lotus petal eyes of the dark mountain monsoon cloud and glittering lightning flash that were Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


Text 35


Presenting many valuable ornaments and other gifts, Maharaja Vrsabhanu worshiped the king of Vraja.  He and his associates followed the king of Vraja and his party for a great distance, and only with great reluctance did he finally turn back and enter his own beautiful garden.


Text 36


After this visit Princess Radhika, the object of Lord Krishna’s love and the auspiciousness of Vraja, desired to travel to Vraja.  She wished to go there decorated with costly garments and ornaments and holding a lotus flower in Her hand in the company of Her mother and friends.


Text 37


The many very splendid palanquins and chariots, studded with vaidurya jewels, decorated with glittering ornaments, and covered with golden cloths, entered the courtyard of Maharaja Nanda. 


Text 38


Decorated with tinkling ornaments and talking with great animation, the splendidly beautiful girls happily assembled for the journey.


Text 39


Then Shri Radhika and the other girls, who were all very dear to Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda, ascended their chariots and palanquins.  Singing many songs, and gently fanned by maidservants holding camara and other fans, the beautiful-eyebrowed girls left the palace courtyard.


Text 40


A band of conchshells, kettledrums, and wind instruments played auspicious music during Princess Radhika's journey.  A band of heroic soldiers, armed with golden clubs, swords, bows, and arrows, guarded the travelling party on the front and sides.


Text 41


A fragrant breeze gently blew, a great cloud became like a parasol to shade the travelling party, and the demigoddesses in the celestial planets sang, danced, recited prayers, and played mrdangas and other musical instruments.


Text 42


Seeing the sprawling city of Nandagrama, which was encircled by walls and a moat and which appeared to them to be like a coiled-up serpent, a sublimely complicated argument offered by the grammarian Patanjali, or a celestial vine that fulfils all desires, the girls happily spoke many prayers glorifying Lord Krishna.


Text 43


The girls descended from their palanquins and chariots, rewarded the palanquin bearers and chariot drivers, bowed down to offer respects to the queen of Gokula, and accepted from her a gift of excellent betelnuts.


Text 44


Then the lotus-eyed girls, whose tinkling anklets charm the hearts of their husbands, returned to their own homes, bathed, and performed their household duties to please their husbands.



Text 45


As He herded the surabhi cows, Maharaja's glorious and handsome son, who has the heart of a rake, trembled with passionate love for the doe-eyed gopis.


Text 46


Receiving the prayers and worship of Varuna, the controller of the waters, and bringing his father, who had been kidnapped by Varuna, to his own home again, and in this way pleasing the people of Vrajabhumi, the all-powerful Supreme Lord appeared very splendid and glorious.


Text 47


when Krishna saw the beauty of moonlit Vrndavana forest He began to play His flute.  He was quickly decorated by the splendid gopis who rushed to meet Him there.


Text 48


Singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments, the beautiful gopis affectionately worshipped Krishna.  These pastimes confirm the scripture’s statement that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is full of unlimited transcendental pleasure. 


Text 49


How can even Sarasvati-devi, the goddess of eloquent speech, attain the power to describe the transcendental happiness created in the arena of the rasa dance by the wonderful sounds of the flutes, lutes, drums, ankle-bells, glistening belts and many ornaments, by the sounds of tatathai from the hand cymbals, by the wonderful singing and dancing, by the graceful hand gestures, and by the splendid jewels that were the beautiful slender forms of the gopis?


Text 50


All-powerful Lord Krishna rescued Vidyadhara Sudarsana from the life of a serpent and transformed him to a demigod.  The Lord also personally killed Sankhacuda and took his Syamantaka jewel.



Text 51


Overcome with feelings of separation, for along time the lotus-eyed girls of Vraja sang the glories of Lord Krishna, the ancient Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was the brother of the dark monsoon clouds and who had then disappeared into the forest.  At that time throughout the entire world the swanlike pure devotees rapt in meditation became like flowing rivers of hot tears of anguish and cold tears of transcendental joy.


Text 52


When the colourful bird of the sound of Krishna’s flute flew into the sky in Vrndavana forest, Brahma, Siva, Indra, Narada and all the demigods became struck with wonder, the hills began to flow like rivers, the rivers stood like immovable hills, and all the girls of Vraja became plunged in the river of transcendental unrest.


Text 53


The demigods offered respectful obeisances to Lord Krishna, who plunged the Arista demon into a flood of pain, who led the Kesi demon to his death and who made the Vyoma demon enter the great sky of the impersonal void.


Text 54


Then Lord Krishna went to Mathura, where He killed Kamsa and removed the sufferings of His parents.  After installing Ugrasena as king of the Yadu lands, the Lord immediately went to Dvaraka.


Text 55


Lord Krishna killed the demoniac sons of Dhrtarastra, the king of the Kurus, and installed Yudhisthira, the son of Yamaraja, as emperor of the entire earth.  After killing a great host of demons, Lord Krishna returned to Vraja, where for two months he fulfilled everyone's desires.