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Saptami Vrsti

Shri Gokulagamanady-uttara-lila-varnanam


Seventh Shower

Lord Krishna’s Return to Gokula and His Later Pastimes


Text 1


When Uddhava and other messengers begged that He return to Gokula, Lord Krishna assented to their request.  When the Lord returned, melodious sounds of dundubhi drums thundered, auspicious shouts of joy arose in every home, and the forests of Vrndavana showered a great monsoon of nectar.


Text 2


When the moon of Lord Krishna arose, the land of Vraja became like an ocean filled with waves of transcendental bliss.


Text 3


When Lord Krishna arrived, the forest of Vrndavan suddenly blossomed into spring.


Text 4


The splendid kadamba trees suddenly burst into bloom.  Tears flowing on to their chests, all the people of Vraja embraced Lord Krishna with intense feelings of love and bliss.


Text 5


Many sannyasi sages and ascetic householders came there to see Lord Krishna.  The Lord worshiped them with great reverence and they spoke many prayers glorifying the Lord with great love and devotion.


Text 6


They said:  "O Lord, You are the master of everyone.  You are the giver of ultimate liberation.  You give Yourself to Your devotees.  You are full of love for your devotees.  Your transcendental form is the abode of all knowledge and bliss.  You are the resting place of Shrivatsa and Laksmi."


Text 7


"O Lord you are splendidly decorated with the Kaustabha jewel.  You are the only cause of the birth, maintenance, and destruction of all universes.  You are the master of all inconceivable potencies.  You are the origin of the purusa-avataras.  Brahma and all the demigods are Your servants."


Text 8


"O Govinda, O son of Nanda, O killer of Kamsa and his friends, O husband of the goddess of fortune, please purify us.  O glorious king of Gokula who is always surrounded by great devotees, all glories to You."


Text 9


"O infallible Lord as splendid as a dark monsoon cloud, Your devotional service creates intense transcendental bliss.  O jewel of all generous and charitable persons, please give this nine-fold devotional service to us.  We think that no blessing is better than this."


Text 10


Riding on splendid palanquins, chariots, and horses, Lord Krishna and His friends went to the forests of Vrndavana. There He enjoyed with them the nectar of transcendental pastimes.  There He was worshipped by the supreme goddess of fortune.


Text 11


With His friends who are like Him in good quality, handsome form, and transcendental opulence, He enjoyed many wonderful pastimes as He herded the cows on Govardhana Hill and in the forests of Vraja.


Text 12


Eager to enjoy the ultimate transcendental pleasure, He entered at night deep within the forest of Vrndavana, and there, even though He is the natural blissful Supreme Personality of Godhead, He enjoyed the unlimitedly beautiful girls of Vraja.


Text 13


These eternal and blissful transcendental pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Vishnu, the son of Maharaja Nanda, which have been related to us by the faithful pure devotees , completely extinguish the blazing fire of repeated birth and death in the confines of the material world.  


Text 14


Originally spoken by the sage Shrila Sukadeva Goswami in the assembly of great devotees, these transcendental and blissful pastimes of Lord Krishna have now been repeated by Baladeva Vidyabhusana.  These pastimes should be worshiped in the same way the transcendental form of the Lord is worshiped and served. 


Text 15


By the mercy of Shri Krishnadeva Sarvabhauma Prabhu this monsoon of the transcendental opulences of the Lord has now risen to relieve the sufferings of the saintly devotees whose lotus hearts have become dry, wilted, and lustreless, scorched by the painful heat of the inability to hear the glorification of the transcendental opulences of Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja.


Text 16


The unprecedented, blissful, and festive monsoon of the opulences of Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda, that precedes this verse has appeared in this world in 1701 of the Saka era (AD 1779).  May this monsoon become dear to the saintly devotees who have taken shelter of Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.