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Dvitiya vrsti



Second Shower

The Lord's Appearance in the Material World

as the Purusavataras and Other Incarnations


Text 1


After the period of universal annihilation was completed and the material world was again manifested, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in His form of Sankarsana, glanced at the multitude of His own material universes and saw the suffering conditioned souls.  Feeling compassion for them, the Lord appeared in the material realm and displayed His extraordinary opulences.


Text 2


Appearing within each universe, Lord Sankarsana then expanded Himself as Pradyumna, who became the father of Lord Brahma.  The all-pervading Lord Sankarsana also expanded Himself as Lord Matsya and countless other incarnations of Godhead, all manifesting unlimited transcendental qualities and opulences.


Text 3


He then expanded Himself as Aniruddha, who resides on the Ksirodaka Ocean, and who also expands Himself as the Supersoul, remaining within the hearts of all the conditioned souls.  Lord Aniruddha enjoys pastimes with the demigods and displays His wonderful prowess by completely vanquishing their enemies.


Text 4


Whenever and wherever the hosts of demoniac armies cause a decline in the principles of religion, at that time the Supreme Lord descends as Lord Vasudeva and Lord Brahma to stop the decline of religion.


Text 5


Compassionately observing the sufferings of His devotee Prahlada, the Supreme Personality of Godhead assumed the ferocious form of Lord Nrsimha and killed His devotee's enemy.  All glories to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Govinda, the son of Maharaja Nanda.


Text 6


Lord Krishna, the original Supreme Personality of Godhead, sometimes descends to the world of men with His associates and transcendental abode.  He removes the burden of the earth and delights His devotees.


Text 7


At first the Lord's transcendental abode becomes manifest within this world, and then, one by one, the Lord's parents and other elderly personalities appear.  After that the Supreme Lord, full of transcendental opulences, and accompanied by the goddess of fortune  and Her dear companions, who are all like Her, appears within this world.


Text 8


In these associates of the Lord are manifest all transcendental knowledge and expertise, all opulences and good fortune, and ardent devotion to Lord Hari.