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Caturthi Vrsti

Shri Nandanrpa-rajadhani-varnanam


Fourth Shower

Nanda Maharaja's Capitol


Text 1


Nanda Maharaja's large capitol, full of many beautiful palaces and decorated with large, regal gates, was splendidly manifested in the forest of Mahavana.  I that city Lord Vishnu, who is full of al auspicious transcendental qualities, who never takes birth, and who rescues His devotees from the cycle of birth and death, was born in this world.


Text 2


Nearby was King Vrsabhanu's splendid palace, whereby Queen Radhika, the beloved companion of Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, appeared in this world.


Text 3


Charming Nandisvara Hill bore an abundance of fruits and flowers.  Near its summit, which was studded with jewels, stood the great city of the king of Vraja.


Text 4


In Nanda Maharaja's capitol were many beautiful gardens, wells, ponds, marketplaces, and palaces studded with wonderful jewels.


Text 5


In Nanda Maharaja's capitol were many beautiful residences for surabhi cows, and many large gates, studded with jewels and protected by the Kings soldiers decked in golden ornaments.  These opulences enchanted everyone’s heart.


Text 6


In the middle of that city was Nanda Maharaj's splendid palace made of lazuli, precious coral, emeralds, and, many others jewels, constructed with many large pillars, elegant windows and lattices, a beautiful roof, rooftop apartments, and many glistening flags.


Text 7


Although expertly constructed with many playful and amazing tricks, the assembly halls of Maharaja Nanda, who was worshipped by everyone, were beyond the touch of the illusory potency, maya.  They were the residence of the goddess of fortune and they were admired by the best of architects.


Text 8


Outside the halls were large gates made of gold and jewels and protected by royal guards whose handsome limbs removed the pride of King Indra.


Text 9


In Nanda Maharaja's kingdom there was a very wonderful system of aqueducts carrying water from the hills to every house and garden by a series of bamboo pipes.


Text 10


The splendid homes of the people in Nanda Maharaja's kingdom were made of lapis lazuli, diamonds, and many other precious gems, and were decorated with many glistening flags.  In each home there were continual festivals celebrating the glories of Lord Vishnu, the husband of the goddess of fortune.


Text 11


Nanda Maharaja's kingdom was surrounded by a very tall, splendid, well fortified wall with beautiful gardens on its topmost ramparts.  Circling the entire kingdom was a great moat filed by streams flowing form the hills.


Text 12


The forests of Maharaja Nanda's kingdom were filled with the sound of musk deer, camaras, and other wild animals as they walked through the mud and clay of the forest.  The forest streams were filled with the sound of the waves rushing past the many lotus flowers.


Text 13


Maharaja Nanda's large, splendid, and transcendental kingdom around Nandisvara Hill was faithfully served by Sarasvati, the goddess of learning.  It was the favourite place of Lord Hari, and it stood next to the kingdom of Maharaja Vrsabhanu.