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Title: Nitai Naam and Nitai Kunda

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-10 06:51:20


hanting a lot of Holy Names while traveling and preaching is a challenge. But the challenge has to be met because death can come any time even while traveling and preaching. And while traveling outside the Holy Jagannatha Puri Dhama (Abode) of the Lord, one has to chant even more sincerely and carefully as one is outside of the spiritual protection of the Dhama. Always chant or sing the Name are the eternal instructions of Lord Nityananda which vibrate in my heart always.


A special characteristic of chanting the Holy Names is that it takes me spiritually to the pastime places of the Lord even when the material body is in some remote corner of the world. As I chanted Nityananda Nityananda, my heart flew to the most divine pond of Lord Nityananda in Shri Ekachakra Dhama just outside the home of Shrila Hadai Pandita and Shri Padmavati devi, the most fortunate eternal father and mother of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. As I kept on chanting Nityananda, Nityananda, Nityananda...mentally I jumped into that divine pond where baby Nitai had taken bath and played with His cowherd boyfriends. It was the most invigorating soul-bath I ever had in my life because no one is more merciful than Lord Nityananda in the whole of creation.


Just by chanting Lord Nityananda's Name instantly gives one pure blissful love, then what to speak of mentally bathing in the same water where Lord Nityananda bathed, while chanting His Holy Name. And when I emerged from the Nitai Kunda (pond), I was found myself immersed in ecstasy from head to toe and simply crying out the Holy Name of Lord Nityananda in bliss. May this Nitai Kunda forever remain the ultimate destination of my chanting life after life! It is only here that my soul rests in full undisturbed peace at the two lotus feet of Lord Nityananda which are the very origin of all souls. Now by the power of Lord Nityananda's Name, I remain fully convinced that even if Maya takes away this body from my soul at any time without any prior notice, my soul will rush to become a tiny conscious spiritual particle of dust in the courtyard or pond of Lord Nityananda in Shri Ekachakra Dhama. Nityananda Nama, Nityananda Nama, Nityananda Nama, Nityananda Nama...I will keep on singing This most magnanimous Name forever as it is only Lord Nityananda's Name which is delivering me or even considering to deliver me. The chanting of all other Holy Names requires a lot of spiritual qualification which I do not possess.